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Our laboratory and the importance of tests performed in accordance with the GB18401 standard

Over the years the operation of our laboratory  has gained significant importance within the company’s activities due to the continuous demands regarding quality and management issues imposed by the market.


The laboratory staff, adequately prepared and trained by qualified employees, was made aware  of the new environmental regulations and subsequent restrictions which prompted us to implement new checks in order to guarantee the required standards.

The laboratory is available and open to visits by any customer who should wish to evaluate the technical characteristics of the fabric, the colour tone, and the preparation of the item.


In fact, already during the sampling stage, our equipment allows us to analyze and take into account any possible  future problems related to the development of the new item.


An internal area is dedicated to the constant search for techniques and methods allowing the continuous improvement of production processes in order to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact.

After the initial assessment of the colour recipe and further to the presentation of the lab-dips to the clients, at the end of our production processes the laboratory proceeds to test each individual item and colour in accordance with the GB18401 standard, in order to ensure compliance prior to shipping the fabric to the Client.

Tisco eco-sustainability

Moreover, special attention is paid to the following tests:

  • Colour fastness to light – UNI EN ISO 105-B02
  • Colour fastness to laundering – UNI EN ISO 105-C06
  • Colour fastness to water spotting – UNI EN ISO 105-E07
  • Colour fastness to water – UNI EN ISO 105-E01 (GB-T 5713)
  • Colour fastness to acid and alkaline perspiration – UNI EN ISO 105-E04 (GB-T 3922)
  • Colour fastness to dry and wet rubbing – UNI EN ISO 105-X12 (GB-T 3920)
  • Dimensional stability – ISO 6330 e DIN 53894
  • PH – UNI EN ISO 3071
  • Wetting test for ready-to-print fabrics – internal method
  • Mass per unit area – UNI EN 12127
  • Spray test – UNI EN 24920
  • Quantitative determination of extractable matter with organic solvents – UNI 9273
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