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Fabric processing

A wide selection

The company currently offers a wide range of processes allowing the obtainment of various types of products, thus granting the possibility to develop new solutions and new proposals for the ennoblement of fabrics made of natural (silk, cotton, wool, linen), man-made (acetates, viscose, cupro), and synthetic (polyamide, polyester and elastomers) fibres, with all the relevant blends.

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silk, cotton, wool, linen

Natural fibres

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acetates, viscose, cupro

Man-made fibres

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polyamide, polyester and elastomers

Synthetic fibres

Bruciapelo su tessuti Tisco

The main operational departments are represented by pre-treatment (continuous and discontinuous processing), dyeing (open width and rope dyeing, at atmospheric pressure and under pressure) and finishing (continuous and discontinuous processing), while the  Research & Development laboratory constantly carries out analysis and quality control activities, at the same time studying, verifying and proposing new solutions for dyeing and finishing recipes.

The flexibility of machinery installed c/o the company allow the dyeing of quantities ranging  from the typical 40 metres of the sample bolt to 1,000 – 1,500 metres per dye bath for normal batches of production – while using the same type of machinery for both quantities – and thus ensuring  the utmost transferability of the results obtained on samples to the actual industrial production.

Our plants and machinery are subject  to continual and accurate updates, aimed at achieving a greater flexibility of production in order to meet  the requirements and expectations of customers.

All manufacturing processes are devised to achieve the utmost degree of workmanship quality and the constant satisfaction of clients who entrust Tisco with the processing of their fabrics knowing that they will receive a service which will meet their required needs.

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