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Tisco s.p.a.

Finishing and dyeing

since 1976

Tisco s.p.a., is a textile joint-stock company incorporated in 1976. Its company objects are the dyeing and finishing of fabrics for third parties in the clothing, accessory and furnishing sectors.
The company has developed rapidly and, due to the particular features of the machinery and systems installed, only a few years since starting its activity it became a point of reference for the Como district in the field of ennoblement of woollen fabrics for clothing and accessories.


Subsequently, at the end of the 90s, the company continued its evolutionary process by implementing strategies and policies specifically targeted at diversifying processes, acquiring new technologies and developing additional skills in the field of pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing, thus being able to widen the range of items on offer to fabrics made with cellulose, man-made and synthetic fibres.


The constant search for new finishing and ennoblement treatments, combined with the enduring attention towards the development of new processes and technologies, are the trademark features which identify the company and enable it to promptly respond to fast-changing market demands.


Over the past several years, the company has chosen to constantly review its processing cycles by interacting with production in all areas of corporate management, in order to ensure that all activities are conducted in compliance with the laws aimed at a reduction of environmental impact through careful product management, as well as supporting the safety of workers in the single manufacturing departments.


Moreover, the company is constantly committed to taking an active and leading role in achieving the main objectives connected to the above (management of chemical products; compliance with environmental regulations; safeguarding the safety and health of the workforce), providing adequate resources – whether in terms of dedicated staff, financial means or equipment – and planning and monitoring the activities which directly affect the management of chemical products and the Environment as a whole.


At the end of the administrative procedure under the specific competence of the “Province of Como – Ecology and Environment Department” and relevant to the application filed on 9 December 2014, the above authority granted Tisco the so called “Autorizzazione Unica Ambientale” – a single environmental license unifying various different permits, which was introduced by the Italian Government by Presidential Decree no. 59/2013 – valid from the date it was notified to Tisco (7 February 2017 – protocol no. 3896) to 7 February 2032.

No. 75 of 2 FEBRUARY 2017
Notification by the One-stop Shop “Suap”
Company Id
License Expiry date
7 February 2032

The above license includes the following permits:

  1. Permit for the discharge of industrial waste waters as per arts. 124 and 125 of Legislative Decree no. of 3 April 2006
  2. Permit for the emission to air as per arts. 124 and 125 of Legislative Decree no. of 3 April 2006
  3. Noise pollution: notice/permission as per art. of Law 447/1995

The license was transmitted by means of an electronic duplicate of the original administrative act (art. 23-bis of Legislative Decree no. 82/2005) in order to allow electronic notification – accompanied by the relevant digital signature – to the Authority’s Manager and the Parties having competence in environmental matters involved in the procedure.


Further to investments made in the 2017 financial year for the realization of the energy saving project and pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 102/2014 and subsequent amendments, on 08.08.2017 Tisco submitted to the ESM (Energy Savings Manager) the required documentation for the Project Proposal and Programme of Measures (PPPM).

The documentation was registered at no. 0326644012617T033 in order to obtain the issue of Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes (EEOs), better known as White Certificates, from the Energy Markets Manager.

Therefore, Tisco is in the process of obtaining the EEOs for the planning and realization of structural interventions, plants and systems c/o its premises aimed at improving energy efficiency in its production departments and the consequent reduction of pollutant emissions.

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