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Via San Gottardo 6 - Villa Guardia (CO)      +39 031 481 495



Over the years, Tisco has consolidated a deep knowledge of wool-inspired fabrics and we now represent a solid partner for our clients, which cater to national and international haute couture brands.   Due to the growing needs of the market, our know-how has extended to the ennoblement...


The expertise and know-how built up over the years allow us today to carry out ennoblement treatments on fabrics specifically targeted at the accessories market, which has gained an ever-growing importance in fashion trends.   Our dedicated machinery for the pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing stages enables us...


The versatility of our machinery enables us to process furnishing items  weighing up to 1,000 g/m, made of cellulose, man-made and synthetic (Trevira CS) fibres with 150 cm finished widths.   The various processing stages, combined and specifically developed in the laboratory,  allow us to  obtain dyes and special finishes...